Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not overheard, but...

OK, we at Overheard in Ithaca get a lot of mail from people wanting us to mention their blog, link to their blog,  just READ their blog.  This particular blog has nothing to do with Ithaca, nothing to do with being Overheard, but this young blogger from Poland seemed to serendipitously walk that fine line between earnest and whimsical entirely by accident, that we search for, so we thought we'd share: 

All right now I can say that I am a brother. Oh my God I can't believe it. Really very crazy feeling. Since 1994 to 2011- by 16 years I was alone without any brother or sister and now I have little Kuba. He was born 4 of July in Independence Day in the United States. During pregnancy everything was fine, I had other ideas and thoughts but now ?. Now I have 100 thoughts per second. Everything will change, I did not expected that today will give me so much to thought. Small baby with small eyes, small nose, small mouth. Kuba has 56 centimeters tall and he weights 3.9 kg. I weighed 4.6 kg so it's quite a lot. It's funny because human begins to remember when he is "about" 5. All of us had to live 5 years that begin explore the world. Already I would like to play with him with football. Anyway I'm sure that now time will change fot the better, I won't be alone and I'm not afraid about sleepless nights. Tomorrow next visit in hospital, well I must to see my mum also. I hope that tomorrow I'll see his eyes because today he was still sleeping and taking breaks for food. What else I can say ?
Welcome to the family Kuba :-)

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BIANCHII said...

Thank you so much for show my post. I've seen it scarcely now :)
Thank you again :)