Friday, January 9, 2009

Not overheard, but: Lemonade!

Overheard in Ithaca is as pleased as punch to let you know we have won a Lemonade Award, presented to "blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude." This award was kindly (and surprisingly) bestown upon us by the Head Blogger at and we thank her with all our little bloggy hearts even though we've never met. We weren't even sure there was anyone out there listening, now we know, yay!

Now we have the responsibility and honor of passing this on to our favorite bloggers, so here goes, in no particular order: This blog is now password protected but we love it to smithereens so we hope you can get in past the big guy at the velvet ropes. Have your passport in hand, it couldn't hurt (or you could always ask us to put in a word for you at the gate). Bilingual blog with lots of wonderful photographs by old friends, what more could you ask for? Clicking on it is as good as taking a vacation. A world-class blog that breaks your heart. Just take a look and see if you aren't lifted up and away. And of course the (very) local scene with a global perspective and great pictures right out the front window to boot. We don't know if this really counts since it's a one-time story, but it's so evocative we couldn't leave it off. Who else makes you think about triangles? And last but not least, the one that gave us the idea in the first place, the one that can still make us homesick.

Thank you all for making our day more interesting, and if you are one of these Lemonade Award winning blogs, please pass this honor on to your favorite blogs.


KAZ said...

Just FYI: You also got a recent shout out from Dave Makar at his blog, Living in Dryden.

KAZ said...

Oops, Dave's blog is Dryden Is Home, not Living in Dryden! We have so many Dryden bloggers, it's hard to keep us straight.