Friday, October 10, 2008

Not overheard, but...

Another poetic missed connection on Craig's List: If I saw you somewhere else, may be I do not care, but I saw you in front of Aldi..., you put a bag full of grocery over your shoulder and rode a bike away, at the moment I felt I knew you for years, you did not look around so I think you did not see me, everything happened in less than 10 seconds....This was sometime ago during a sunny summer day, but your tall, healthy and energetic back imagine and your assertive, gentle and scholarly look has been always a mystery in my mind, you are around 6' tall, fit, 30ish or younger, brown hair, green bag and a nice bike which I do not remember the color. I do not expect you to reply even you see this message, I do not want to disturb your life, but I do wish to let you know that your natural non-abrasive and unassuming manner has unconsciously impressed someone deeply, thanks for the beautiful imagine, and have a nice fall break.

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